Our goal at Astraline Media is to connect our clients with their target consumers in the most efficient way with utmost flexibility and cost effectiveness.



Digital displays provide the most flexible and cutting edge platform in advertising for any business. Digital out-of-home allow us to adapt to changing currents and trends within minutes. Digital displays offer real-time advertising and information and messages can be changed easily according to the time of the day. A company can sell umbrellas in a rainstorm or launch a new product with a live countdown clock Traditional billboards just do not offer the same adaptability.



The flexibility of digital displays allows Astraline to provide unparalleled cost effectiveness when compared to print billboards. Rather than committing to a set space on a monthly basis, we offer great rates at various cycles to allow any company to tailor advertisements to their budget.


Better Results!

LED displays are brighter and can be seen from a greater distance than a traditional billboard. This gives the viewer more time to view and understand what they are looking at, and provides greater visibility in bad weather conditions. LED displays emit high-resolution images and video that ultimately provide the most creative and advanced branding, traditional billboards will never achieve.

Out of home advertising remains as important as ever. As we grow into a more digital world dominated by mobile phones, outdoor billboards remain one of the most vital marketing platforms, especially as the average American spends 20 hours per week in their car. Digital billboards represent an eye catching and substantially more cost effective option as they generate more revenue while reducing overall costs.