Current Location

Gowanus Expressway

566 Hamilton Ave. Brooklyn, NY

The Gowanus Expressway is a 6.1-mile stretch of the I-278 highway serving the southern extension of the BQE.  It also connects at Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, the Belt Parkway, and the Verrazano Bridge.

The highway is considered one of the ten worst traffic bottlenecks in the United States. About 200,000 vehicles carry an average of 1.4 passengers use the Gowanus everyday,* resulting in constant congestion.  The roadway is in a state of disrepair and has constant roadwork on it.

There are currently a number of proposals to remedy the situation, although all will be multi-year (10-15 years), multi-billion dollar projects.

* According to the NYCDOT

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Imminent Locations

100 Oak Point Ave (Hunts Point)
Bronx, NY 10474

The location runs along both The Sheridan Expressway and its interchange with the Bruckner Expressway, both originally designed to connect with the planned I-95 alignment along the railroad from the Cross Bronx Expressway northeast to the New England Thruway, which was never completed. Traffic volumes are very high on the ramps carrying through traffic between the Bruckner Expressway west of Bronx River and Bruckner Expressway east of the Bronx River, since this is a major part of the interstate route connecting with I-95 at the Cross Bronx-Bruckner Expressway Interchange. The Bruckner Expressway carries approximately 117,000 vehicles per day (vpd), while the Sheridan Expressway carries 39,000 vpd between the Bruckner and Westchester Avenue, and 51,000 vpd between Westchester Avenue and the Cross Bronx Expressway.*

Hunts Point is home to one of the largest food distribution centers in the world, covering 329 acres (1.33 km2). In 2005, Hunts Point became the site for New York City’s New Fulton Fish Market, replacing its former location in Manhattan. Over 800 industrial businesses, employing over 25,000 workers, are located on the peninsula. A large concentration of food wholesalers, distributors, and food processing businesses are located in the New York City zoned industrial business park.

More than 150,000 vehicles use these highways every day. Commercial and residential interests have fueled much debate as both seek to co-exist in the same vicinity. The Hunts Point area is a major economic focal point of not only the Bronx, but of the New York City region. The Hunts Point Peninsula alone generates over 77,000 vehicles per day.   The Fish market caters to the largest ethnically diverse region in the world with an estimated population that exceeds 15 million people (New York metropolitan area) and generates an estimated $1 billion in yearly revenue, as it allows ease of access to NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut.


*According to the NYCDOT

45 E Wesley Street South
Hackensack, NJ 07606-1423 (just off I-80)

I-80 in New Jersey runs 68.54 miles (110.30 km) from the Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge over the Delaware River at the Delaware Water Gap to its eastern terminus at I-95 in Teaneck, Bergen County. I-95 continues from the end of I-80 to the George Washington Bridge for access to New York City; access is also provided via the I-280 spur towards the Holland Tunnel and US 46 to Route 3, or I-95, towards the Lincoln Tunnel. The New Jersey Department of Transportation also identifies I-80 as the Christopher Columbus Highway.  Route I-80 in Teterboro has over 100,000 Average Annual Daily Trips (AADT).* It is one of the most heavily traveled roads in this part of the county and is among the most heavily traveled in the State.

* Bergen County Vision, June 2011

265 Reverend Moody Opas
Hartford, Connecticut

Located in the extreme proximity to Interstate Route 91, the major north–south transportation corridor for the center of the state. It is the main route between the larger cities of New Haven, Hartford, and Springfield, Massachusetts. As such, it is almost always heavily trafficked (especially during rush hour), and maintains at least three lanes in each direction through Connecticut except for a short portion in Hartford at the interchange with Interstate 84. The three cities also serve as Connecticut’s control points along its length of the Interstate. Overhead signs in each direction consistently feature one or two of the cities, although very few (if any) conventional highway mileage signs are placed along the Interstate in Connecticut that indicate the remaining distance between the cities.

Future Locations

Secaucus, NJ
777 Secaucus Road Secaucus, NJ 07094-2511 (off I-95)

Garden City, NY
720 Stewart Avenue Garden City,  NY  (High Traff off Meadowbrook )

South Plainfield, NJ
1760 New Durham Rd South Plainfield,  NJ  07080 (off I-287)

Jersey City, NJ
1 Amity Road Jersey City NJ 07304

Baltimore, MD
3405 Annapolis Road Baltimore MD 21227